Above & In Ground Lining Solutions

Fresh Water Solutions

  • 5-10 ACRES

    avg. size
  • 6-100 MIL

    thickness range
  • 3-5 DAYS

    completion time*
    *depending on multiple factors

Mustang offers a wide variety of single layer lining options to meet your lining needs. We primarily install black, white and grey liners, but being a custom geosynthetics company, we can install whatever the customer requests. Our liner is also available in several consistencies including smooth, reinforced and textured materials. We can help ensure the protection of your liner by installing a sub layer of geotextile. The necessity of this is dependent on the condition of the pond. Safety Add Ons can also be bundled with your services as needed.


Available Safety Add On Options Include:

Rub Sheets: A thick textured material that can be placed anywhere in the pond to serve as both a safe exit point as well as protection from pipes and other equipment used to pump fluids in and out. Rub Sheets typically range from 40-100 mil in thickness.
Depth Gauge Numbers: White numbers extruded onto the pond wall to mark water depth.
Escape Ladders: A functional ladder placed in the corner of the pond to be used as a safe exit point.
Safety Life Rings: Life preservers placed on a post to be used as a flotation device in the event of an accident.
Signage: Safety signage around the pond and on the fence.



Reserve & Water Pits

For these smaller jobs, typically located near a rig and often only needed temporarily, we generally recommend a 20 mil liner and can install custom sizes. Depending on conditions we can do several of these in one day.


Above Ground

We can supply the walls and install the plastic for an above ground storage system or just provide and install the liner. Above ground storage systems are a great option for short term storage and are available in multiple variations and configurations to fit almost any need that you might have.