Multi-Layer Systems, Floating Covers & Special Projects

H11 & Flowback Ponds

These projects require a more complex installation process and are typically composed of multiple layers of liner. Mustang has an expansive resume for these projects and has completed them across the industry for numerous customers. Our experience, personnel and different knowledge allows us to be of the most versatile and highly trained installers in the market place. We have successfully installed projects engineered and designed in a multitude of configurations. If you have questions or concerns on what type of system best fits your needs, our operations department and in house engineer would appreciate the opportunity to discuss.





Special Projects

Mustang is a custom installer of geosythetics. While we specialize in oil and gas containment solutions, we offer a wide variety of other lining services as well. We have experience in golf courses, stock tanks, and other detail specific specialized lining projects. We love being presented with new challenges and ideas, if you have something you would like contained with liner, please let us know and we will put our heads together to come up with a solution.


Floating Covers

Recently introduced to the oil and gas industry by Mustang, this permeable floating cover is system is the newest all-encompassing environmental solution being offered to our customers and operators. While the main focus is to prevent evaporation, this cover system also stabilizes water temperature, prevents contamination from windblown debris, reduces odors and offers complete bird control all while providing a net gain on rain events. This product has been tested with some of the leading operators in the Permian and the success of the trials leaves us enthusiastic for the future of the cover and what it will do to prevent evaporation, conserve water and protect the environment for years to come.